Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program issue only VAT invoices?

Not only invoices. In INVO, you can also issue other invoices such as proforma, correcting and advancing. The application also allows you to issue bills. Please state in the settings that you are not paying VAT.

I can not run the demo version. What am I doing wrong?

Check if the browser supports JavaScript - it is required to work with the program. If it is a new version of the browser it probably supports JavaScript but the option is disabled and it should be enabled.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Our website is maintained on servers of the largest hosting company in the country. The best specialists ensure their safety. The data is archived every 24 hours for special servers.

Are program updates free?

Yes. As part of the annual subscription, the client receives a constantly developed program, updated at least several times a year. All updates are carried out during the night or after informing the service users about possible service work.

Can I put the company logo on sales documents?

Of course. To do this, go to the program settings and then click Logo. When you press browse and select a graphic file from the computer's disk, the logotype on the back will show the logo that will be visible on the documents.

Can I change the format of the sales document numbering??

Of course. Please go to settings. Then select the page document numbering and select one of the predefined numbering formats or enter your own according to the directions underneath.

Can I issue invoices with co-workers?

Yes. To do this, they should be granted access to the account. You can define what level of permissions you want to have, i.e whether they can issue and edit invoices or just browse (print).

Can I send an invoice by e-mail?

This is one of the basic possibilities of the program. Each invoice can be sent by e-mail directly from INVO or it can be saved to disk as a PDF and added as an e-mail attachment.

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