How does it work?

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How does it work and how is the program built?

INVO is a web application. This means that it works on a server and is made available to clients via a web browser. Unlike desktop programs (installed and working, for example, under the control of Windows systems), the INVO application does not require installation, does not take up hardware resources and does not require the user to take care of backups. To work, INVO needs internet access and a web browser (eg Firefox, Chrome). Optionally, a program for viewing PDF files (eg Adobe Reader) is also required. Access to the application is done by logging in after previous (one-time) registration.

Where can I use the program?

To issue invoices (and to settle a company) a computer with internet access or a telephone with an installed mobile application is required. In addition to the registered account (and paid subscription), no additional consents or licenses are required. The program can be used anywhere on the planet, at any time, also on several computers (telephones) at the same time.

How are the invoices transferred to clients?

The issued invoice can be given to the customer in two ways. The first is sending it directly from the program to the indicated e-mail. No configuration is required here, but if there is such a need, the client can use his SMTP mailbox for this purpose. The second way is to provide an invoice to print it. For this purpose, a PDF file browser is required because the files in this format are generated by the program. The printer itself is printed from a PDF viewer. If we use the Chrome browser to work with INVO, the program for reading PDF files will not be necessary.

Is it possible to issue an invoice on a mobile phone?

Yes. Smartphone users with Android can invoice customers. To do this, install the INVO application (available in the Google Play store) and log in using the same access data with which you can log in to the web version. The mobile application communicates with the web application using a special API that guarantees data integrity and correct invoice records in the books. All invoices are stored on the server, so there is no possibility that the invoice issued on the cell will not be visible in the web version and vice versa.

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