Modules in the program

Modules in the program


Invoicing is the basic and most important program module. It allows record-keeping of VAT invoices, proforma invoices, final invoices and internal proofs. Invoices issued in INVO are compliant with applicable regulations, i.e. they contain all the data required by law. In addition, for each invoice you can change the accounting scheme and the reason for taxation, assign traders (people who have won and serve the customer), add comments, information about the shipment and many more. The content of each invoice can be checked on the preview (also in full-screen mode) without the need to print. In addition, the program has a function for defined invoices and recurringal invoices, ie. Automatically displayed on a defined day / hour and sending to the customer. This functionality in some types of activity definitely facilitates the work.


The cost accounting module is available regardless of whether we only issue invoices or we use online accounting. For customers who have purchased a billing module, cost records are optional, i.e. they do not need to use it, although a systematic register of sales invoices may be underestimated if at some point we decide not to cooperate with an accountant for online accounting. The program allows you to enter all the costs of your business. These are fees for utilities, purchase of goods and materials, costs of fuel, vehicle, leasing and other costs not included in the aforementioned. As in the case of the sales module, here it is also possible to create defined costs. In addition, you can store scans of cost documents, record company assets (vehicles, fixed assets), print cost statements and much more.


The accounting module operates based on data entered in previously described modules. On the basis of sales invoices, costs and fixed assets records, the program generates the KPi's records, sales and purchases register, VAT-7, VAT-7K, VAT-EU declarations, calculates income tax prepayments and premiums due to ZUS. All calculations are made by the program and in addition to the correct one-time configuration of the system do not require any additional steps from the user.


The analysis module enables presenting data from entered sales and purchase invoices in the form of clear charts and summaries. Available charts show revenues and costs, profit / loss, sales structure and purchase structure (both by products and contractors). For all w. charts are available in the form of tables, in which you can choose the period of interest, grouping by month, quarter and years, and data limit. Each set has a net, gross and VAT summary, which allows you to quickly assess the financial state of the company.

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