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online software and phone application
  • VAT invoices, proforma, corrective and other
  • sending invoices straight from the program
  • download customer data from VIES
  • dozens of print templates
  • recurring invoices

Online invoicing program

The INVO online invoicing program has all the functions necessary to efficiently issue VAT invoices, advance invoices, final invoices and pro forma invoices. It also allows you to issue fiscal receipts. This tool is completely automated - once the data is entered it is stored when issuing subsequent documents.

Whilst creating documents, users can use the Central statistics office database: by entering businesses Tax ID, all other data will be filled automatically. Documents with both net and gross amounts can be issued- they are automatically converted.
The appearance of the home page of the invoicing program

Several invoicing templates

The INVO invoicing software makes it very easy to choose one of several ready-made print templates and put the company's logo on the invoice.

Using the built-in HTML / CSS editor, you can define your own document templates, which gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to their appearance. Such a prepared and functional invoice program will allow you to issue an invoice, which will not only be legible, but will be the showcase of your company.
Selection of one of several print templates

Multicurrency and invoices in a foreign language

INVO collects current exchange rates from the ECB daily. Currency invoices are automatically converted - you choose only the currency and the trading day. Invoices may be issued in English and bilingually.
Selection of used exchange rates

Data safety

Connection on the user line - the system works on the basis of SSL encryption, which is an international standard. Without its use, it is difficult to imagine an important accounting system operating in the so-called cloud.

In addition, access to the account is protected by an access password of appropriate length, in accordance with applicable regulations. Our software and all data collected in it are stored in certified data centers in Poland. The Information Security Administrator supervises the security of data storage and processing. Granting permissions

Support for fiscal printers

The program for invoicing INVO also allows you to print fiscal receipts on Elzab Mera and PosNET printers. It enables a special, easy to install and configure communication application available for Windows.

It is also possible to print receipts on a printer from various computers, also from a mobile application. This saves time and money.

Application in every industry

The online invoicing program can be successfully used by freelancers, subcontractors and owners of small and medium enterprises, regardless of the industry. Thanks to the large configuration options, it can be adapted to the specifics of the business.

Our program is developed by a team of programmers, open to comments and new ideas, thanks to which it has many interesting features that are not available in competitive programs - even those available on the market for over a dozen years.

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