§1 Definitions and general provisions
1. These regulations apply to the terms and conditions of using the INVO program provided to users at the Internet address https://invo.io
2. Each user joining the online invoicing program INVO accepts these terms
3. These regulations and the application INVO are the exclusive property of INTAXO Sp. z o.o. Regulations and program (including graphic elements) INVO can not be copied without the written consent of the creators in any form.
4. Definitions:

§2 Website services
1. The company provides online software enabling, among others, issuing invoices and controlled bookkeeping for small businesses.
2. The use of services requires an agreement with the Company by registering on the website and acceptance of these regulations.
3. The following modules are available on the website:

4. Payment for services is made in advance and concerns (except in exceptional circumstances and after agreement with the Company) a full subscription period.
5. The owner of the service allows free use of the invoicing module which is limited up to 3 monthly issued invoices (sales invoices).
6. Exceeding the limit given in §2 p.5 results in blocking the possibility of issuing subsequent invoices in a given month.
7. Unlocking the functionality described in §2 p.6 takes place by purchasing a paid package and resigning from the free service.
8. The company allows the option of settling transactions by credit card and e-transfer. Such transactions are carried out through the Dotpay and Google Play website.

§3 Access to the website
1. Access to the application INVO has Users who have successfully passed the registration process.
2. A user may have only one account on the site INVO, unless it carries out more than one business activity. A separate account is required for each business activity conducted by the user.
3. The registration process requires the following data:
- e-mail address and access password
- contact details of the company in line with the actual state
4. After registration, the user is obliged to correctly complete all other data in order to ensure the correct operation of the program.
5. The user uses the website in accordance with the law and the provisions of the Regulations.
6. It is forbidden to register accounts for fictitious data, third-party data, using temporary e-mail addresses when registering and other activities that may prevent the correct identification of the company.
7. The owner of the service INVO reserves the right to block and in special cases to delete the user's account, which does not apply to these regulations or uses other accounts without their knowledge and permission.
8. The User shall cover all losses and damages caused as a result of his actions inconsistent with the Regulations.

§4 Website content and services
1. The website stores data entered by registered website users. The owner of the site INVO strives to allow only authorized persons access to this data. The website owner is not responsible for any consequences of using the website's resources contrary to the purpose.
2. The company undertakes the obligation to remove the reported errors within 14 business days from the date of filing, inclusive. This time may be changed if a major rebuilding of the program is required (eg related to the change of regulations). Errors should be reported to the email address office@invo.io.
3. The user should get acquainted with the possibilities and limitations of the program before paying. The user accepts them by paying for selected services.
4. Responsibility for invoices and other documents issued in the system is borne solely by the user who should check their contents before sending (printing) them.
5. The company is not responsible for the actions of third parties, as well as for the operation of the user's or server's computer equipment.
6. The company is not responsible for the lack of access to the service INVO due to malfunction of telecommunications lines and damage caused by them.

§5 Termination of the contract
1. The user can terminate the contract during the subscription period and thus delete his account.
2. In the event of termination of the contract, the fee for the started subscription period is non-refundable.
3. The company reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the user INVO if:
- does not apply to the terms of these regulations
- works to the detriment of the Company or another user
- uses the INVO unlawful

§6 Final Provisions
1. These regulations are valid from the moment of making it available on the Internet at the address https://invo.io/regulations
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