Security guarantee

security policy / data encryption / certifications / backups

Security policy

The aim of the creators of the INVO service is to provide Users with a professional tool helpful in running their own business, while guaranteeing a full sense of security in using the program. We treat all entered data as confidential. They are not reviewed, copied or shared.

Data storage

Both the software and data processed by them are stored in certified data centers of one of the largest providers of hosting services in Poland. The safety of data storage and processing is supervised by a team of specialists and the Information Security Administrator.

Kopie zapasowe

Kopie zapasowe tworzone są systematycznie na serwerach klastrowych w centrach danych oraz dodatkowo na trwałych nośnikach przez specjalistów z INVO. Daje to Klientom pełną ochronę przed ewentualną utratą danych niezależnie od przyczyny i miejsca wystąpienia awarii.

Encryption and SSL certificate

The system access passwords are stored encryptically by a cryptographic algorithm specifically used for this purpose. In addition, the client's communication with the server is encrypted with an SSL protocol certified by the leader among hosting companies on the Polish market. This guarantees the security and confidentiality of the information entered.

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