Free warehouse software.
Intuitive inventory control
  • easy inventory control
  • ability to set limits and warnings
  • extensive warehouse analysis
  • authorization functions
  • export data to CSV & XLS

Warehousing software

The warehousing module is intended for entrepreneurs who want to control the amount of their goods. The module has functions supporting current sales and production management tools. In the INVO warehouse program, you can also generate orders based on reservations.
Warehouse program

Inventory control

Full insight and control of the state of the goods sold, optimization of stock levels with the help of booking and ordering functions is the most important role of the warehouse module. Warehouse management with the INVO system will help you avoid shortages of goods and will improve the company's financial liquidity.
Editing the state of the item in the warehouse

Handling of reservations and orders

Intuitive handling of the booking process and orders from suppliers, combined with inventory control, will give you the comfort of running your business, especially if you are hampered due to the size of significant products and limited space or the specificity of the goods sold.

Negative inventory

If you happen to sell goods that are out of stock and an order has been placed, the negative inventory function will certainly be helpful. Granting permissions

Price lists of products

The INVO warehouse module allows you to generate price lists based on the product catalog. These price lists may include all or only selected manually or by group items. Price lists can be helpful when preparing commercial offers for clients.

* - functions in preparation. Until the warehouse module is completed, it is available free of charge to subscribers of the invoicing and online accounting module.

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